Your Council

The parish is in the Amotherby Ward of Ryedale District Council, in North Yorkshire, and in the UK Parliamentary Constituency of Malton & Thirsk.

The Parish Council is made up of 5 councillors who are elected every four years in Parish Council elections. We have one paid employee, the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer. Meetings as from January 2018 are held at 7.00pm (previously 7.30pm) in the Committee Room of the Parish Hall, usually on the second Monday of each month, (except in August unless deemed necessary), together with an Annual Meeting at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected by the councillors. All meetings are open to the public and we welcome your attendance and contributions. Agendas are posted on the village notice board , emailed to residents who are on our email list and posted on the website at least three days before each meeting.

The Parish Council represents the residents of Amotherby Parish and with our limited powers we do our best to serve our community. On your behalf we deal with Ryedale District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and have contact with many other organisations doing our best to influence decisions to the benefit of parishioners.

Things we do:-

  • Hold a monthly meeting (usually the 2nd Monday of the month) open to all residents to attend
  • Respond to planning applications
  • Respond to consultations on the Local Development Framework and other consultations
  • Provide streetlights and the Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) sign
  • Organise the cutting of Highway and Cemetery grass
  • Manage the “Three Parishes Cemetery” on behalf of the joint owners (Amotherby PC, Swinton PC & Broughton P Meeting)
  • Lobby for road improvements, traffic calming and speed enforcement and on parking issues
  • Put in place minor improvements in conjunction with others (eg. litter picks, flower tubs, defibrillator)
  • Occasionally organise work parties eg. footpath widening
  • Constantly strive to improve life for residents
  • Keep residents informed via email, notice-board and occasional flyers

We raise a precept to cover our costs, collected on our behalf through the Council Tax, which pays for:-

  • the services of our Clerk, income tax and office expenses
  • the services of a payroll company
  • insurance for parish council assets, activities and volunteers working on behalf of the parish council
  • providing streetlights (officially footway lighting) and the electricity and maintenance for these
  • the cost of audit of accounts and keeping up with transparency requirements
  • cutting the areas of highway grass required for visibility (devolved from NYCC)
  • cutting the grass in the Cemetery (shared with Swinton & Broughton)
  • rent for holding Parish Council meetings
  • subscriptions to YLCA (Yorkshire Local Councils Association ) and CFY (Community First Yorkshire), formerly called RAY (Rural Action Yorkshire), both of which give invaluable help and advice
  • occasional training for Councillors and the Clerk on matters we agree are important
  • small donations to local charities